Poster Guidelines


Poster presenters are requested to hang their posters on

  • Sunday, 23 September 2018 / 17h00 - 20h00 or
  • Monday, 24 September 2018 / 10h00 - 12h00

Please dismantle your posters on Thursday, 08h00 - 12h00, if you wish to take them back. Posters that are not dismantled will be destroyed thereafter.

The materials to hang the posters can be picked up from the poster welcome desk, who will also help you to find your poster board.


Poster format

Please bring your paper poster (please do not bring cloth or plastic posters as they do not stick on the poster boards!) on an A0 (W 841 x H 1189 mm), PORTRAIT format.

Landscape posters do not fit on the poster boards.

Please indicate a name and contact details on your poster, so that participants can contact you.


Presenters are requested to be close to their posters during their poster session to receive questions from the participants. No formal presentation is required.

Monday September 24

12h15 - 13h45: odd numbers
15h30 - 16h45: even numbers

PS-01 / New technologies, instrumentations and separation media for GC, HPLC and SFC
PS-02 / Miniaturized and on-chip systems
PS-03 / Process Chromatography and Monitoring
PS-04 / Complementary and Emerging Techniques (FFF…)
PS-05 / Chemometrics, Quality by Design, Data Processing
PS-06 / Multidimensional and Hyphenated Techniques

Tuesday September 25

12h15 - 13h45: odd numbers
15h30 - 16h45: even numbers

PS-07 / All Modes of Chromatography and Electrodriven Separation Techniques
PS-08 / Clinical, Biomedical and Toxicological Analysis and Diagnosis
PS-09 / Biologics
PS-10 / Omics
PS-11 / Mass Spectrometry Hyphenation and Applications

Wednesday September 26

12h30 - 13h45: odd numbers
15h45 - 17h00: even numbers

PS-12 / Foods, Natural Products, Health, Security
PS-13 / Pharmacy and Cosmetics
PS-14 / Sample Handling and Trace Analysis