History of ISC Symposia

International Symposium on Chromatography

The ISC series had been organized since its beginning in 1956 by three societies involved in separation sciences (in UK, Germany and France).  Symposium of the ISC series should be organised every two years (even years) all over Europe. Since 2014, the three countries decided to devolve responsibility for the organisation of the ISC series to a Permanent Scientific Committee (ISC-PSC) and its members are part of the scientific committee of each series.

Symposia in the series should take place normally during September / October on even years alternately with the HPLC series in which symposia are staged in Europe on odd years. It may be organized by an individual, groups of individuals or European National Societies (or groups thereof) involved in separation sciences.

The ISC-PSC is composed of seven members, each of whom can serve for a maximum of seven years, with a reasonable international standing as a separation scientist.