ASAC Award

Peter SCHOENMAKERS, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

will be awarded with the 2018 Fritz-Pregl Medal of the Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry (ASAC).

This Award is named for the Austrian chemist Friedrich Michael Raimund Pregl, who received the 1923 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his pioneering work in the field of Microchemical Methods, which are very closely related to analytical chemistry and analytical sciences. Fritz Pregl is the doyen of the Austrian analytical chemists.


This highest award of the ASAC will be given to scientists who have contributed outstanding developments in Analytical Sciences.

Throughout his career, Peter Schoenmakers has devoted his scientific enthusiasm towards separation sciences, and in particular, towards liquid chromatography theory and practice. His contributions and innovations advanced the field significantly and had high impact on the today’s standing of the large portfolio on separation technologies, essentially applied in all fields of chemistry, life science, environmental science, and materials science, among others.

The board of the ASAC respectfully congratulates the awardee.